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8 Fun Twitter Games

twitter games like #ThatsWhatSheSaid and #twit
Do you know what’s missing from my twitter experience? Twitter games! I did a search on twitter games and came across a Mashable post describing 6 different games you can play on twitter.

  • The first of the twitter games is Twivia. Like it sounds, this twitter game requires you to answer trivia questions for points.
  • The next of the twitter games is Twitbrain. This twitter game is about how fast you can solve a math problem.
  • Tweetbomb is the most vicious of twitter games. Every day this twitter game suggests someone for you to tweet without any message. Eventually they become overwhelmed by empty messages from everyone- and they’ve been successfully twitter bombed.
  • BeatMyTweet is one of the twitter games I would have the hardest time doing. This twitter game gives a series of characters that have to be unscrambled into a word or phrase. I hate games like this (because I can never do them).
  • The last of the twitter games mentioned in the Mashable article is Tweet140. This game tracks how close you consistently come to the 140 character maximum to each tweet. In my experience, this is a twitter game that will require skill and a deep vocabulary.

These twitter games sound like fun but they are all make me think (okay, maybe not TweetBomb). I spend the entire day thinking through math and word problems- I want juvenile and immature twitter games.

Here’s my suggestion. The other day a twitter friend posted an update that, out of context, sounded really bad. This gave me an idea for my contribution to this list of twitter games.

The object of this twitter game is to get someone to reply to you with something that sounds worse that it’s meant.

Rules for this twitter game:

  1. No cusswords or explicit comments (the reply should IMPLY something not just come outright and say it).
  2. You can’t submit your own tweets. Someone has to catch you in the act.

The next step in this twitter game is to share the tweet with the rest of the twitter world- by re-tweeting it with the hash, “twit”. Here’s how to re-tweet:

  1. Copy the violator’s tweet, including their twitter name.
  2. Paste the tweet in your “What are you doing” box. To designate your post as a re-tweet you should start the tweet with the abbreviation “RT”. If you skip this step you will look like you are the twit sending the message to your friend. If they catch you doing this, they can call you out as a twit!
  3. At the end of this tweet add, #twit. Any word preceeded with a pound/number sign is called a hash- it is a simple way of cataloging tweets.
  4. Press the “Update” button to send this re-tweet.
  5. For example:
    • a friend (@myfriend) sends an update: 12 inches long? Mine is much shorter than that!
    • you can call them out by sending another update that reads: RT @myfriend 12 inches long? Mine is much shorter than that! #twit

Now the rest of twitter will know your friend is a twit.

Just be careful to not write any dangerously ambiguous tweets yourself, or your twitter friends will be sure to call you out as well.

Here’s another suggestion to add to the list of twitter games: #ThatsWhatSheSaid.

If you have ever seen an episode of The Office you know how to play this twitter game. All you need is a friend who says something ambiguous that could me misconstrued as something said by a woman about a man.

To play this twitter game, once you catch someone saying something you simply press the “reply to” image to the right of their tweet and type #ThatsWhatSheSaid. All your friends will see your tweet and, if they follow the “in reply to…” at the end of your twitter message they will see what your friend said in the first place.

That’s my contribution to twitter games. I hope you have fun (and hope you don’t catch me).

Can you think of any other Twitter games? Add them in the comments, below.

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