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Here I’m providing some SEO tips for your Tumblr blog (plus some other suggestions on how to get more from your efforts).

Out of the box, Tumblr has some SEO problems- especially about duplicate content. If you’re using Tumblr as a social network, this isn’t a problem. If you want Tumblr to gain traffic from the search engines, you might need to make a couple tweaks to your site.

Add a Hovering Call-To-Action to Your Tumblr Blog

I really enjoy tumblr. I know, it has a bad-rap as a juvenile system full of first-world problems. I, however, think it’s a great platform to quickly and easily share content. It would be even…

Add Open Graph markup to a Tumblr blog

Looking to increase the engagement with your Tumblr blog by adding Open Graph markup? Here’s how


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