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dizzysoft specializes in web development that helps SEO. While web development alone cannot make a website show up in the search engines, it can help overcome limitations within a CMS or supplement an active SEO campaign. Let us show you how.

3 ways you can add schema to your website

Now that John Mu has suggested that Schema can help improve your rankings, SEOs are finally paying attention. The ranking benefits might be slight but there are several other beneifts from Schema markup. The biggest…

What Mobile Breakpoints Should Your Website Use?

Most web designers know how important mobile-friendly sites are. They know that the best-practice for mobile sites are responsively designed. The challenge comes in knowing for which dimensions you need to design a site. 

How to Customize the Fluid Baseline Grid WordPress Theme

Thanks for using my first WordPress Theme: Fluid Baseline Grid. I’m not offended that you want to change how it looks. I’m no designer.

Add a Hovering Call-To-Action to Your Tumblr Blog

I really enjoy tumblr. I know, it has a bad-rap as a juvenile system full of first-world problems. I, however, think it’s a great platform to quickly and easily share content. It would be even…

Can I make my website responsive?

can I make my site responsive?

Even though more and more people use mobile devices to access the web and now that Google seems to be preferring responsive websites in the (at least mobile) SERPS, it’s not too late to ask…

Detect the Google Bot from within Google Analytics

After observing an unusual phenomenon in a client’s Google Analytics account (after an hour or so and with the help of a co-worker) I discovered that you can detect when the Google Bot comes to…

New Website SEO Checklist

I’ve seen it too many times to count- and it’s always painful. Someone comes to me after they’ve launched a new website. They’re so proud. They love the “modern” look. They know it’s going to…

SEO Class Resources

I’m excited to be teaching the CPCC Small Business Center’s SEO class. There’s a lot of bad SEO advice out there and I hope to help some small business owners understand SEO better- whether they…

ebook: Introduction to SEO with Google Webmaster Tools

Looking for better SEO results? Why not turn to the free tools offered by the world’s largest search engine: Google Webmaster Tools?


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