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About Us

For several years dizzysoft was a side-project of David Zimmerman. It is a place where he could be creative and play. It’s also a place where David sharpened his web development skills- an especially important skill now that David provides¬†internet marketing in Charlotte.

dizzysoft software got started in 1999 with programming PalmOS apps (remember how cool and revolutionary those were?). To support this effort dizzysoft started moving into web development. As interest in the PalmOS waned (it was eventually killed-off by the iPhone) dizzysoft started moving exclusively into web programming. Later dizzysoft started to specialize in Twitter apps. Now dizzysoft mostly works with web development as it applies to SEO- which David does every day for his primary career.

You can see some of the things dizzysoft has created and is currently working on by clicking “Portfolio” or find some miscellaneous “Tips and Tricks” as well.


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