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Here are some of the things we’ve done with RSS. Do you need something like this or a custom solution for your website? Contact Us from the menu, below.

A SimpleXML RSS Feed

I love playing with RSS feeds. One of the easiest ways to do this is using PHP’s SimpleXML. Here’s how you create an XML feed with this easy-to-use library

Keep Website Content Fresh with RSS and XSL

The Google Inside Search blog post from April 3rd turned the SEO world upside-down. Although Google has been telling us about changes they’ve made to the algorithm for a few months now, this one was…

Get RSS Feeds from Twitter Search

Twitter recently stopped providing RSS feeds for all it’s data. You can, however, use FeedTwit to get your Twitter updates as an RSS feed.

How to Get RSS Feeds from the New Delicious

Sorry, Delicious has closed. The new delicious is finally up. Not all that much different but I am excited because I use it every day. One of the features I use every day is the…

Track Topics or Keywords on Twitter

Twitter no longer provides RSS feeds from Twitter Search.


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