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Does FeedTwit Support Terrorism?

I recently read a couple articles about this Twitter app that the Taliban, and presumably other organizations, are using to support their terrorist agendas. Apparently this app allows people to bypass the publicly facing Twitter…

How to Get RSS Feeds from the New Delicious

Sorry, Delicious has closed. The new delicious is finally up. Not all that much different but I am excited because I use it every day. One of the features I use every day is the…

Twitter Steals Ideas from Independent Developers

The other day Twitter killed my Twitter app. This isn’t a post written by someone who is bitter and angry. It is from someone who loves Twitter and really enjoys developing with the Twitter API.…

Twitter Overthrows Its First Government

News is coming out of Kyrgyzstan today of a revolt. This is the first successful revolt that used Twitter. Apparently the Kyrgyzstan opposition leader’s Twitter account has been reporting the news to her followers as…

How Twitter Filled-Out my Basketball Brackets

Last year I used Google to fill out my basketball brackets. It didn’t do too well. This year I decided to use Twitter to fill out my March Madness brackets. Disclosure: although I am just…

8 Fun Twitter Games

Twitter SMS Commands

I use the SMS feature for Twitter a lot because I don’t have a data plan on my cell phone. Recently I discovered a list of Twitter text commands that you can send to Twitter…

Track Topics or Keywords on Twitter

Twitter no longer provides RSS feeds from Twitter Search.

Free Twitter Marketing Statistics

FeedTwit has recently made its Twitter statistics available for free. This is valuable information for anyone who is marketing on Twitter. From it you can time your marketing message to be most effective.


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