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Google Analytics Platform Principles Certificate of Completion

Google Analytics Platform Principles Certificate for David Zimmerman

This weekend I took a couple hours out of watching March Madness to take the Google Analytics Platform Principles course.
This is a brief course on some fundamentals of Google Analytics including:

  • Google Analytics Platform Fundamentals
  • How Google Analytics collects data
  • Different ways to configure data into Google Analytics
  • How Google Analytics processes the data sent to it
  • How Google Analytics produces reports

This is a pretty fundamental class, but it’s something that should be required of anyone who does internet marketing professionally.

A couple new things I learned in this class include:

  • That Google Analytics has the ability to track data within mobile apps
  • When and how Google Analytics samples data in its reports

I thought this might be a good stepping-stone to renew my Google Analytics Individual Qualification (which has expired a couple years ago).

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