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Keep Website Content Fresh with RSS and XSL

The Google Inside Search blog post from April 3rd turned the SEO world upside-down. Although Google has been telling us about changes they’ve made to the algorithm for a few months now, this one was…

Looking for Charlotte, South Carolina?

Charlotte is not in South Carolina- it's in North Carolina

Are you looking to find Charlotte, South Carolina? Keep looking because Charlotte is actually in North Carolina. I understand the confusion- many people haven’t been to this part of the country and might make this…

Dispelling the Myths- Does Social Really Impact Search?

On September 1, 2011 I was invited to SEMCLT to speak about the impact social networks may have on search engine results.

How Twitter Filled-Out my Basketball Brackets

Last year I used Google to fill out my basketball brackets. It didn’t do too well. This year I decided to use Twitter to fill out my March Madness brackets. Disclosure: although I am just…


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