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How to Get RSS Feeds from the New Delicious

The new delicious is finally up. Not all that much different but I am excited because I use it every day.

One of the features I use every day is the RSS. When I heard delicious had enabled RSS feeds today, I went to the site right-away to set them up. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find them anywhere.

After going through my archives I have been able to reconstruct them.Here’s the format they are currently using:

Changed back again: http://feeds.delicious.com/v2/rss/username/tag

username – your delicious username, without the brackets

/tag – This is optional but if you want to limit the RSS feed to a particular tag you will need to insert a / and then the tag.

For example, if you wanted to keep track of all the bookmarks I’ve tagged “SEO” you would use:

Changed back again: http://feeds.delicious.com/v2/rss/davidzimm/seo

If you just wanted all my wonderful delicious bookmarks, including all things Star Wars, Gardening, and recipes, you would use:


In case delicious changes this URL format, I’ll keep you up to date in this post. I would also love to see the new “Stacks” feature have an RSS feed. This would be a great way to share content about a topic (like the SEO stack I’ve created). Delicious discontinued their Stacks feature


The reason delicious RSS feeds are so important to me, is because I use them to populate and archive useful links I share through my Twitter account (@dizzySEO). Here’s how I do it.

  1. When I find a great SEO article (that I want to reference later or don’t have time to read at this moment) I bookmark it in delicious.
  2. I take the RSS feed from my delicious bookmarks (tagged “SEO”) and give it to TwitterFeed.
  3. TwitterFeed is set up to send the links to my Twitter account automatically, trickling them in the stream throughout the day.

This way I have the following advantages:

  1. I have an archive of helpful SEO articles in my delicious account
  2. I have a useful Twitter account about SEO- sharing useful information about SEO (at least I hope so).
  3. Because I have shared them through Twitter, I consequently have a helpful paper.li account about SEO with a summary of the content I’ve shared every week.

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16 comments about How to Get RSS Feeds from the New Delicious

  • We have been using deli.cio.us or delicious.com rss feeds for a long time, and they populate our website on the public side and private side, with resource links, group links, and news links.

    However, since the ‘takeover,’ we have found that if we don’t visit, login, and do “something” on delicious.com, the rss feeds simply stop working. They go blank. Not sure if this is a dns cache issue on the delicious.com server, or simply that inactive users get the shaft.

    So a word of advice to those in the use of delicious.com, login every 4 – 6 weeks, whether you like to or not!

    • I haven’t noticed this, Brian, but I tend to login to delicious a lot. Anyone else notice this?

  • The address for the RSS by tag isn’t working for me. I don’t get an error, but it takes me to a blank RSS feed. I tested it with a tag I have for at least three bookmarks/links, but it’s not showing up. Am I doing something wrong?

    • I think you’re confused (or I wasn’t clear): you need to replace the word “tag” in my sample URL with the tag for which you want the RSS feed. You don’t need the word “tag” in the URL before the tag for which you want the RSS feed.

      See the difference?

    • There doesn’t appear to be a way to get all items with a particular tag. If you replace the USERNAME in a feed’s URL with “tag” it looks like there is something setup to provide this information but it’s not displaying any items.

      On the other hand (although this wasn’t what you were asking) you can get a list of all the tags used by a particular user by inserting “/tags” before “/rss” in the url. For instance, you can get an RSS feed of all my tags by viewing: http://feeds.delicious.com/v2/rss/tags/davidzimm (I don’t know how you might use it but the information is available).

  • David, thanks SO much for this useful article. I’m using MailChimp to drive an RSS feed from Delicious into an automated daily newsletter. I have it set up so that anything I tag with two specific keywords goes to an RSS feed. This works fine but I want the comment (Delicious description) to appear in the newsletter too. Do I need to change the RSS to something specific to include my comment?

    Sorry – am new to all of this!

    • Unfortunately we are limited by the data that Delicious decides to share in the RSS feed. I don’t know of a way to force them to share that information. Sorry.

  • I am trying to use various tags to populate a Wordress blog. For some reason the feed seems to limited to 10 items all of sudden. There doesn’t seem to be any reason for this but I can’t find anywhere to change it. Any ideas?

  • I think I’ve solved my problem.
    It seems that feeds are supposed to be limited to 15 items. That doesn’t really make sense either because yesterday I was getting one feed with 41 and today none above 10. Still, adding ?count=100 seems to solve it.

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