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Basic .htaccess Template- Explained

Every site needs an .htaccess file. Still, with every website I build I always forget what to put. So I thought it would be a good idea to write up one, simple .htaccess file that could serve as a template for my websites- and maybe yours as well:

Udacity Certificate of Accomplishment with Highest Distinction for David Zimmerman

Udacity CS 101: Building a Search Engine

I have recently completed my first Udacity class- CS 101: Building a Search Engine- and received a Certificate of Accomplishment with Highest Distinction.


JobLand is a place where people who love what they do can inspire people looking for a career they can love. It contains a complete listing of every career and occupation for people in the United States. It includes valuable information about each of these careers such as educational requirements, employment prospects in the future, [...]

Keep Website Content Fresh with RSS and XSL

The Google Inside Search blog post from April 3rd turned the SEO world upside-down. Although Google has been telling us about changes they’ve made to the algorithm for a few months now, this one was particularly interesting. Many have already speculated about how the Google algorithm might have changed regarding anchor text, I haven’t heard [...]

Looking for Charlotte, South Carolina?

Are you looking to find Charlotte, South Carolina? Keep looking because Charlotte is actually in North Carolina. I understand the confusion- many people haven’t been to this part of the country and might make this mistake. Even those who might have been here could get confused because Charlotte sits right north of the border with [...]

Get RSS Feeds from Twitter Search

Twitter recently stopped providing RSS feeds for all it’s data. You can, however, use FeedTwit to get your Twitter updates as an RSS feed.


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