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dizzysoft software specializes in web development that helps SEO. While web development alone cannot make a website show up in the search engines, it can help overcome limitations within a CMS or supplement an active SEO campaign. Let us show you how.

SEO Class Resources


I’m excited to be teaching the CPCC Small Business Center’s SEO class. There’s a lot of bad SEO advice out there and I hope to help some small business owners understand SEO better- whether they…

ebook: Introduction to SEO with Google Webmaster Tools


Looking for better SEO results? Why not turn to the free tools offered by the world’s largest search engine: Google Webmaster Tools?

WordPress Setup for SEO Success


WordPress is a great CMS platform- it’s easy to use and can grow with your business. That being said, out-of-the-box there are a couple things you’ll want to do to ensure long-term SEO success.

Fluid Baseline Grid WordPress Theme


I’ve taken the Fluid Baseline Grid (originally created by Josh Hopkins) and converted it into a mobile-first, typographically clear WordPress theme.

Web Design and SEO Can Be Friends

Why do web designers hate SEO so much?

Add Open Graph markup to a Tumblr blog

Looking to increase the engagement with your Tumblr blog by adding Open Graph markup? Here’s how


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